Sunday 28 December 2008

Yule log

I talked about gluttony recently. I thought I would put in images what it really means. In other words, I wanted to show instead of telling. This is a Yule log or, to be more precise, a Bûche de Noël. It is one of the many traditions my family usually follows. We have two Yule log recipes: one is made of rolled white cake with strawberry jam inside and covered with thick icing (sometimes said icing is flavoured with maple syrup). It is simple and very sugary. Then we have this one, which is made of chocolate cake, rolled around vanilla ice cream, iced with sugar and topped with hot chocolate sauce. For people with a sweet tooth, this is the ideal Christmas dessert. Sadly, both logs are finished now, so I will have to wait until we celebrate Christmas here again to eat one, or I make one myself if we visit the in-laws. I am afraid it is above my skills as a baker.

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