Tuesday 23 December 2008

Christmas tree

I am now at my parent's place and we started decorating the Christmas tree. It is a natural one and it smells lovely in the house. So I decided to put here a picture of... well, okay, this is not this year's Christmas tree, as it is not completely finished yet. It is the one we made last year. I don't have pictures of this years's tree and it is not quite finished yet, but I am impatient to blog about it. In my family, we always have a real one. We can have it big as there is plenty of room in the conservatory. My mum thinks we are a bit extravagant with the decorations, but I just think we are in the right state of mind. Why not be extravagant, especially at Christmas? There are some decorations from everywhere we (or my parents) have been in the world. We put "glaçons" (fake ice), which disseminates the light. At the base of the tree, we do not put a Nativity Scene, as ours is easily breakable (we put it on top of the fireplace instead). In its place, we have an electric train (LGB), which goes around the tree, a train station, many sheep and other animals (also from the different places we have been around the world), various decorations and lots of fluffy fabric that serves as snow. We really do create a winter wonderland.

Stay tuned for the Nativity Scene, unless you are afraid of the Christmas overdose.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh Guillaume, Such a sight.. I love a tree festooned with icicles.. my great grandmother always took such care with them...
I haven't been able to have any in the years we have had our many dogs... they always try to eat them..
I truly enjoy these!!! thank you so much!!!

VioletSky said...

So much glistening tinsel! You don't see nearly enough of it on trees anymore. Makes me quite nostalgic!