Sunday 14 December 2008

Waiting for the day of the journey home

Right now, as I said in my last post in English, I am both excited and bored. It might seem paradoxical, but it is actually very logical. I am getting very impatient to go back to Québec, therefore my current situation is boring. So I lack inspiration to do anything but prepare for Christmas, which just emphasises my feeling of pre-Christmas melancholy. And since it seems that snow has dropped everywhere in England but here, looking outside is slightly depressing. A life is always more boring when you know it will be exciting soon. Which I guess makes you appreciate the exciting moments even more so, but it does not arrange anything at the moment. I know there are ways to enjoy boredom and inaction, but still. My life has often been more about getting there than being there, more about the journey than the arrival. That said, even the journey, the non-figuratively speaking one anyway, now seems far away from me. And I know it's not rational, as it is less than a week away, but I am still feeling the blues. As I don't feel that I have much to say and yet I still want to blog to avoid schizophrenia, I am blogging. Again. I have also decided to put some pictures of my parents's back garden from last year's Christmas. It might calm a bit of the melancholy, and it might make you envious. Hopefully you will be envious soon. Or I will bore you to sleep with Christmas anecdotes. Until then, you and I have those images.

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