Wednesday 10 December 2008

Seven things you might already know about me

Okay, so I have been tagged with a meme. So I will try to reveal seven weird things about myself. There are plenty of weird things I can find about myself, just not that many I haven't blog about already. But here it goes:

1)I hate ham. I find it disgusting since I was a child. Even the name makes me feel nauseous. It is simply a vile meat. Or vile plastic. It tastes that bad.
2)As a child, I wanted to become a priest. A cardinal to be more precise, because I liked the uniform and because after watching The Thorn Birds with my mum, I thought cardinals had a really, really nice life. So that's how superficial I was. It took me a while to loose faith, but since it was based on such flimsy premises, it's no wonder. Oh, and for the record, now I find The Thorn Birds ridiculous and nauseating.
3)One of my ex-girlfriend has the name of my mother-in-law, and another one has the name of my mum. About the latter, my brother thought it was a proof of a profound Oedipus Complex.
4)Before I got married, I used to be a night owl, reading all night, watching TV, browsing the Internet. I still do it when my wife is away and I don't have to wake up early in the morning (like last night for instance). It is something I got from my years as a university student.
5)In 2006, I lost a lot of weight and I still can't figure how I managed to do it. I wanted to, as I was getting a bit (just a bit) chubby then, but I barely sacrifice the junk food, treats and beer I still eat/drink. My metabolism is a mystery to me.
6)I got a work published. My thesis, really, and it is still too small to hope for an academic career any time soon. I would rather publish novels. I got some ideas, but one does not write with ideas but with words, as Mallarmé said.
7)I am terribly vain. I like being called "doctor", in a way it ended up being my main motivation to do a PhD, and I feel such a pride when someone tells me I'm good at something, might it be acting, teaching, singing or whatever. And I don't take criticism very well.

And I am not going to tag anyone. It is difficult enough to get seven original things to say about yourself, then finding bloggers who will get tagged...

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Doctor Guillaume, I use to be a nightowl too... actually I use to be a early bird too...

it went away for a while but I think I'm back there again.. That's the way I like it...