Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The obligatory song on this 26th of December

Happy Saint Stephen's Day everyone! As people knowing old Christmas carols, this is the day featured in Good King Wenceslas, which I share every year on this blog, in one version or another. It is a favourite of mine. This year, I will use a slightly different approach, as I will share the carol as featured in The Big bang Theory. For two reasons: 1)while I do not follow the show anymore, I find this particular moment hilarious, and 2)it happens in a Dungeons&Dragons session. As you know, my brothers and I now play D&Dr exclusively during Christmastime, so it kind of resonates with me. Our games are far different than this one. But more to that in another post, probably tomorrow if I can find the time to blog. Here is the complete clip:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A favourite carol of mine! But for this special day, I'm also fond of "The St Stephen's Day Murders" by the Chieftains.

lady M said...

His Lordship's (my spouse) great, great great, great grandfather, John Mason Neale composed that song so it is near and dear to our hearts. Hope you had a great boxing day.