Thursday 3 April 2014

Chocolate owls (for Easter?)

This is Ollie the owl, a creature from the Waitrose range of Woodland Friends, which they released for the upcoming Easter. They also have the owl as a chocolate cake (see picture below). Call me a sucker, but I bought this for my Easter chocolate animal. Last year, for some reason, I could not find anything at all but Cadbury's eggs, so this time I bought the chocolates early on. I know Easter is meant for rabbits, hares, hens and eggs, all the Pagan symbols of fertility, but I thought I would be original and buy a chocolate owl. Which symbolizes... well, wisdom, for one. Not exactly an abundance and fertility symbol, but nevertheless, I love owls.

I am usually not very original when it comes to Easter. In fact, I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to any holiday, be it Christmas or Halloween. A chocolate owl does fit Halloween and autumn more somewhat, although they would need to be more life-like, like this one. But I have a special thing for owls among all birds. They are nocturnal, mysterious, there is the association with woodlands, ghost stories and horror. If my totem land dwelling animal is a cat, the bird that I would connect to the most would be either the corvids or the owls. Maybe this is why I was an easy target for these stupid desserts. That said, I have to admit, the cake tasted quite nice.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Stores are really moving away from selling chocolate rabbits and chicks for Easter. I was in London Drugs this afternoon and saw a chocolate Spongebob Squarepants and Stanley Cup. Actually, I gave away a chocolate Stanley Cup on my blog last year so I'm doing my bit to fuel this new trend, just as you are with your owl.

Guillaume said...

I am very traditionalist when it comes to Easter chocolates, usually. But sometimes I do derogate from the usual figures. I miss the Lulu and the Père trappites chocolate from my region.