Wednesday 23 April 2014

Shakespeare's 450th birthday

I thought I was going to blog about St-George's Day, as it is today (I did not even need the Google Doodle to be reminded about it), however I discovered something far more important to commemorate: today is William Shakespeare's 450th birthday. The official one anyway, as we have contradictory data. If it is truly on St George's Day, it is very fitting. The English language owes a lot to Shakespeare. Literature too and not only the English one. The art of acting as well, obviously. We can safely sum it up by human civilization. And I will celebrate the Bard. Not tonight, but in a week time: after pondering about it, I have decided that I will go and see King Lear. Not directly on the stage of the National Theatre, but in a cinema nearby that shows the play live. I already purchased the tickets. I am very excited about it. Today, I was reminded about Shakespeare's birthday. Next week, I will rediscover who the Bard is celebrated.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy birthday to Bill.

Mantan Calaveras said...

I love Shakespeare, he (If indeed he was a real individual and not a collection writers under a pseudonym (I mean, come on, "shakes spear"? Has anyone else got that surname?!)) had an amazing ability to express the substance of human experience. Beautiful, indispensable stuff!

Guillaume said...

Thank you for commenting.
@Mantan-There is enough evidence to say that Shakespeare was a real person and while we know little about him we know a number of things about his personal life. Whether or not he wrote all his plays, this is debated and debatable, but I do think he was.