Saturday 12 April 2014

House Odin

As my readership knows, I am following assiduously Game of Thrones, which I discovered last November and I absolutely got hooked on it. The series's website has a page where you can make your own sigil. I decided to create my own and of course I chose as a sigil a black cat. It is easy to know why, and why I called my virtual noble house House Odin. Odin was there with me when I watched back to back the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, he spent a lot of time sleeping next to me or at the feet of the TV set. I was then living the Odin saga, watching a fictitious saga. I thought about it when I watched today this video from YouTuber Comic Book Girl 19, about the first episode of season 4, which I watched recently. She has adopted a black cat too, who is very much present in the video. It made me sad, thinking about all these moments with my own black cat. So this is the sigil of House Odin anyway: a black cat on a blue backdrop (that is supposed to represent night, or evening) and its motto is: Swift as a shadow. Very fitting.