Wednesday 9 April 2014

Scouser talking

A friend on Facebook put this link on her wall, a small article dating back from January, about Liverpool saying. Even though a lot of it is not exclusively from Liverpool (a lot of Brits say birds for women for instance), it was a still a trip in nostalgia land for me. I lived a year or thereabout in Liverpool and it made me remember the very distinctive linguistic environment I was living in. Liverpudlians, or Scousers, have a very distinctive accent, the Scouse. I cannot honestly say that I ever mastered it, or even got vaguely familiar with, but I remember the sounds of it. It is a cliché to say that a particular language or accent is musical, and it is an inaccurate cliché. But I did find Scousers very musical in their way of speaking English. Maybe it was because I was a foreigner. Still, reading this short article made me want to walk the streets of Liverpool again. Ah, memories!

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