Wednesday 30 April 2014

Walpurgis Night

Tonight is the last night of April (duh!), which everybody knows. However, not many people know that the last night of April is also Walpurgis Night. Little known in the world, but duly commemorated on Vraie Fiction  I first mentioned it in 2008, then more or less forgot about it, until I reintroduced it properly in 2012. I have a soft spot for Walpurgis Night, as it is a bit like the Halloween of April. Halloween is of course my favourite holiday of the year, so a celebration that is akin to it and helps me remain patient for the six months waiting for Halloween to be here. For one night, the little sister of Halloween is here, so to speak.

I chose to accompany this post a picture taken last November, ironically enough. It shows the ensign of a nearby village hall. Why there is a witch on it, I have no idea. Nevertheless, it is beautiful and eerie, with the moon in the background. I thought to investigate and write a post about it around Halloween, but I thought the picture was so good I had to use it tonight. It is very fitting, as witches were supposed to gather on a sabbath and meet the Devil on Walpurgis Night, among other times of year. I'd love to write a horror story about that village hall ensign and/or about Walpurgis Night. Until I have the time, the inspiration, the patience and the words, enjoy tonight and maybe read a scary story to celebrate.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i would love to know why they have that sign there!? since i start counting down to halloween right after the 4th of july, i am only 2 months away!

Guillaume said...

I intend to find out more about that witch.