Tuesday 1 April 2014

Is the witch going, going, gone?

I hope it is not an April fool's joke. In which case I would be both devastated and furious.Well, this morning some movers came to the block and they moved things from... the apartment of the evil cat-hating witch I have as a neighbour, the one who had developed a sick obsession against my cat, who was rude to everyone who loved him. She has been a thorn at my side for way too long, behaving like she was the headmistress of a boarding school, with the residents as her pupils. Stupid woman. We knew she had been working on moving out, however since she was still here, I thought she'd never moved. There were also words about the sale of the flat not going through and her having reconsidered and being happy enough here to stay. But she seems to be leaving at last. Her flat seems empty and you can tell things have been moved in the corridor. So I will finally be able to give a Viking's funeral for Odin and spread his ashes in the bush he loved so much.

But all my feline love aside, I have other reasons to be happy to finally see the back of her. She was a busybody, she was a jibber jabber when she tolerated you, she was a prying, spying neighbour when she disliked you. The epitome of passive aggressive. She was, in other words, a witch, as ugly in physique and mind as one. So if this is not some kind of April Fool's joke, this departure is a blessing. Something April brings the most unexpected gifts.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

there is nothing better than having an awful neighbor move. now if i could just get a few to do it!

Cynthia said...

Neighbours, so difficult to find a good one!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a relief it must be to you (and others)! Yes, Odin must have a Viking's funeral as befits his name and spirit. I'm glad his ashes will be spread in his beloved shrubbery.