Sunday 19 September 2010

Time for melancholia

This post might be a lot like the last post, but there you go... It is Sunday evening after all, so I am in that state of mind. I don't like Sunday much usually, as I rarely feel like time is used properly: if I am active I get stressed, if I am not active enough I feel like I am wasting my free time. And yet there is always this feeling that the weekend is going away. I don't read enough on Sunday, I don't do all the tidying I want to do, I don't watch as much quality TV as I was planning, in the end, I feel underwhelmed on Sunday. Especially when Saturday has been really nice, like it was yesterday. The result is a general feeling of melancholia, sometimes of upcoming doom. But that means that I will be busy, then exhausted. Melancholia is a poison for the weekend.


Mozart's Girl said...

Dear Guillaume....I think this is a universal problem with Sundays! You should try listening to some Mozart...always works for me. Try Kiri Te Kanawa /LSO/Sir Colin Davis /Philips recording of Exsultate Jubilate & Vesperae Solennes de Confessore...I defy you to be melancholy with such beauty in the world!!Hope you have a good week xox Rachel

Guillaume said...

Thanks for the advises. I should have had, really.