Tuesday 21 September 2010

I miss singing

That's what I thought this evening when I was walking back home. It just struck me: I barely sing anymore. There are moments like this, when I miss my opera lessons or the stage, or regret that I have never been on a stage to sing an aria or two. Or better still, a whole opera with a great baritone role. Sometimes I feel like I don't have hobbies anymore. I guess when I get home and I am tired, I want nothing else than just relax and not do anything. Yet when I was learning opera, it actually helped me focus on other things than studies and daily worries. And it was just really pleasant.


PJ said...

Je te comprends. Je sais que j'ennuie petit frère et toi quand je joue un peu de piano à Noël, mais ce genre de hobby me manque aussi. À la fin de la journée, t'as pas envie de faire grand chose. Les activités hors du travail et des tâches ménagères finissent par se faire rares.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Well by all means SING! Sing out loud! Never waste away a gift! :o)

Oh...and Happy Autumn Equinox too!

Guillaume said...

@PJ-Je promets de ne plus jamais m'irriter de ça!
@Wendy-Happy Autumn Equinox too! And I will start singing again.

Anonymous said...


Voilà continue de chanter!