Friday 17 September 2010

The Ten Steps: a ghost story

I found this short film by chance, on the same Youtube channel that had the documentary on M.R. James I put here not so long ago. I loved it. It is a horror story as they should be: quick, efficient, sober. And there is the Irish setting which gives it an aura of classic horror. To enjoy on a cold autumn evening:


The Gill-Man said...

Wow! Don't know how I missed this back when you posted it (I've been following your blog for some time), but I'm sure glad you posted the link up to it in my comments! That is a really good, solid little flick! Nice, creepy and subtle. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Guillaume said...

My pleasure. It is such a good story as it is so efficient. No gore, no big shock, just a familiar situation, so banal, that turns into a nightmare.