Thursday 16 September 2010

The visitor

So guess who is in the UK? Well the pope of course! And he came here to "extend the hand of friendship", but still warns the Brits against "more agressive forms of secularism". I think he was talking about guys like me. Ironic, considering all the ills religious fundamentalism did in recent years that he thinks secularism is a threat.

Still, since pope Benedict and I have two things in common, I cannot despise him as much as I wished.


Mozart's Girl said...

I don't despise him, as he's just a man after all. I despise what is done in the name of religions of all kinds. I despise the misery caused by religious indoctrination. I despise the covering up of appalling abuse of children, and the justification of that cover up. And I am somewhat bemused by the fuss over this man's visit here. But still. Doesn't affect me! have a great weekend Guillaume xo

Guillaume said...

I guess I am more interested about the pope as I am a former Catholic, and a former devout one.