Sunday 19 September 2010

Staying a bit longer?

Yesterday, my wife and I had friends coming over for the afternoon and dinner. It was a lovely time. We walked around the place, as we now do more and more often. And as it usually happens when I take walks, I realised something: in spite of what I wrote here, we might stay in this town a bit longer. It is for a number of reasons, some rational, some emotional. This place is what we can call home, for better or for worse, and we don't want and are not ready to change now. Sure it has downsides: I still see many of my former pupils and therefore will never be completely anonymous here... But it's not like I was hated by them. There is no need to leave at the moment and more importantly no desire for it. It might change, but not for the near future. I still think that there is more time here behind us than ahead of us. But we might stay longer.

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