Wednesday 1 September 2010

A time for harvest

This picture was taken in late August 2007 by my father, in the back garden. It was somewhere in my email account and I found it again recently. I decided to put it here, partially because I was a bit bored of having no picture on my blog. I think it needs something of the sort to bring some change of colours in the blog that mirrors the seasonal changes. I hope that makes sense.

I also put it here because we are in a time of harvest. I miss picking up apples from the family apple trees. Here in Brittany, I dirnk a lot of cider, so the image of apples come to my mind easily. In many ways, it is the fruit of autumn. It is also associated with the supernatural, for many reasons. I don't know when it is the right time to get apples in England, I guess it depends of the sort, but my wife and I discussed about going one weekend to pick up some directly from the trees in one of those orchards open to amateurs an wannabe gardiners. It doesn't have to be apples, but I want to take part in some kind of harvest.


PJ said...

On va probablement aller cueillir des pommes avec Donnah cette année aussi. Ça aussi, ça fait trop longtemps que je l'ai fait. Ce ne sera pas la même chose dans un verger commercial qu'à la maison.

Guillaume said...

Ce ne sera pas la même chose, mais au moins ce sera la cueillette. Ca me manque suffisamment alors je ne me plaindrai pas si je peux aller cueillir des pommes à l'arbre, même dans un verger commercial.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

We love to go to the apple orchards in the Fall. My favorite is go into the packing house where they sell the fresh cider and hot donuts and apples sliced up and served with warm melted caramel for dipping...yummy! Have a fun weekend, we are heading to the beach for Labor Day! Last summer fling before the best season of the year arrives! :o)