Thursday 2 September 2010

More horror wanted

I found this blog through a thread on Digitalspy. I did not sign the petition yet, I find these exercises to be often pointless. That said, I would love to see the BBC bringing back this tradition of showing classic horror movies on Saturday night. I think we need to create a new generation of horror fans and also have forgotten classics discovered. I came to horror as a movie genre somewhat late in my life, first through horror literature. (I think I did not see them earlier on my life, even though I was morbidly attracted to horror icons such as Dracula, because my parents wanted to protect me from getting nightmares). In any case, Halloween is coming relatively soon and I would love to get some good old classic Hammer or Universal movies to get my teeth on (ouch, the pun!) and to keep myself entertained on Saturday night. There is nothing like a good chill.


PJ said...

J'ai presque fini le livre d'histoires de fantômes victoriennes. J'ai bien aimé celle de M.R. James, il faudra me trouver le reste. Sam a mentionné William Hope Hodgson sur Facebook, ce ne serait pas un crime de le trouver aussi. Petit commentaire misogyne cependant: les histoires de fantômes victoriennes écrites par des femmes sont plus poches. Leur style est trop cucul.

Guillaume said...

J'ai peut-être déjà lu Hodgson, il faudrait que je vérifie. Et il y a certaines femmes qui sont d'excellentes écrivaines d'horreur. Elles étaient très prolifiques d'ailleurs pour écrire des histoires de fantômes, alors il ne faut pas les négliger.