Wednesday 8 September 2010


There is one thing I almost miss of the commuting longer commuting I used to do a year ago: I rarely have time to catch the Metro and I don't have time to read Nemi. I don't know why, but I love the comic strip and its main character. I am glad you can find the comic strip online. Still, it is not quite the same as reading it while commuting. She always bring a smile to my face, whatever the day had been or was going to be (and then the days were not often nice).

Nemi is the kind of character I love without knowing exactly why: I am not a goth, I have no goth friends and I am not into heavy metal. That said, I think it is because we share the same opinions on many subjects and we have similar tastes and distastes. There is a lot of embarrassing geekiness in her that is similar to my own. If I was a child, I would be Calvin. If I was a Norwegian girl in her twenties, I would probably be very close to a Nemi. Which is strange, because I rarely identify with female characters, in fiction or in real life.


Leigh Russell said...

Thank you for all your support, Guillaume. I hope you like SOUTHGATE AND LEIGH's debut album.
If you buy my books you can bring them along to a signing and I'll happily sign them. Would be nice to meet you.

Guillaume said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! I will do this for the books.