Tuesday 14 September 2010

A time for warm clothes

Whoever thought that autumn would be late this year was dead wrong. Today was cool, it was rainy, that kind of weak rain that makes you feel cold, the leaves had definitely taken some colours and it felt like autumn. I was glad I was wearing a heavier jumper than yesterday.

It struck me anyway today: autumn has arrived. It is here, it is not merely looming, it is not merely at the door. It might get warmer in the future, but it has arrived. So this evening, I took the warm clothes out of their boxes and put them on the top shelves of the drawers. It is a ritual I usually do at the weekend, but I think it was necessary to do it tonight. I find it strangely enjoyable. Autumn is the season of comfort, or heavier clothes and heartier food. Getting the heavy jumpers ready to use does not merely keep you prepared for colder days, it reminds you that you can appreciate them.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ahhh...then I will live vicariously through you and others where it has arrived. Here it is still quite warm, although I can say the evenings have been milder which is nice! :o)

Mozart's Girl said...

Dear Guillaume, how right you are...Autumn is definitely here alright! We are resisiting turning on the central heating, but I admit to using the hot water bottle a few nights already! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - giveaway would make a lovely present for your wife if you win!! xox Rachel