Sunday 27 June 2010

Enjoying not being part of it

I will start this post by a great unknown line. Last Wednesday, I went to a meeting at work. The person holding it told me: "So you are not into football". Stupidly I asked why: England was of course playing, which I had barely noticed. I was the only invited person who attended the meeting.

Today England played again, and lost, but I barely watch the game. If it wasn't for my wife being disappointed, I would not have cared at all about the game. I went in the garden instead, put down the picnic towel we had bought earlier on and I read. It was (and is still) the hottest day of the year, everything was silent outside but for the far away background noise of TVs. The town was otherwise so quiet I could have been the only living person here. I was alone, an outsider, not being part of that moment and not caring one bit.


S said...

Salut Guillaume!

LOL! So I'm not the only one who is indifferent to this World Cup (even though I live in South Africa)? What are you currently reading?

Je te souhaite une bon journee!

Guillaume said...

Reading "L'énigme du retour" by Dany Laferrière, great stuff. I am finishing it and next I will probably read Stevenson's "Treasure Island".

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Sounds like a lovely time. My 'alone' time is my favorite time. Although the heat part would have killed me...ha! :o)

Guillaume said...

@Wendy-Don't get me wrong: the heat nearly killed me! But it was not nearly as bad as watching football.