Sunday 13 June 2010

A new great unknown line (from my wife)

Well, no it isn't new per se, it dates back to 2005 or 2006, I think. It is from my wife and it was so funny that it deserves to be listed here as a great unknown line. It is again food related (I might try to vary that a bit). So back then, we were dating but living an ocean apart. I was living in my Montreal flat but was supposed to have dinner with my mother and family at my brother's apartment. My mum had made some baked pasta with mince veal in it. So we were talking on the phone, Veggie Carrie and I, when I saw the time and told her I had to leave for dinner. Before leaving, she said:

"Enjoy your dead calf."

My mum later on found it hilarious and still remembers it to this day.


PJ said...

La viande, plus c'est cruel, meilleur c'est.

Lindsey said...

LOL I hope google translate is wrong or that is a joke from PJ?!

Wasnt V.Carrie being sarcastic not funny? It kind of sounds wrong like your mum found it funny that V.C was upset at what you were eating....which I dont think can be what she found funny I'm not sure I quite get it? It is funny that V.C couldn't be more opposite in animal beliefs! Maybe that's it. I think you like animals more than you think and wouldn't mind being vegetarian you know. Maybe you met V.C for a reason, one of them being to learn about animals.

Guillaume said...

@Lindsey-Vegggie Carrie was being both funny and sarcastic, I think, after all they are not mutually exclusive. Not upset, just matter of factly. One can be both and sarcasm is a sort of humour. In any case, it was very witty and deserved mention here. It was also very similar to that old Quino's Mafalda joke about "chicken corpses in the fridge" ("No, stupid, they are just chickens" "But if they are dead, what are they?" And then the other kid just wants to eat vegetables for dinner, to his mother's dismay). Oh and I love animals, no question about it. I do enjoy the taste of some I wouldn't eat if I "knew" them. I don't think I could be vegetarian. Becoming pescetarian maybe, but fishing is highly damaging for the environment. Too bad, as it is probably the healthiest diet. It is certainly the closest to my current one.