Saturday 5 June 2010

All the good TV I have been missing

It might be the nice weather, it might be because I am too absorbed in watching DVDs and trying to get through, but I missed quite a lot of good TV recently. Well, good, I don't know for sure for some of it, but I certainly am missing on program that would interest me, incidentally all of them are from the BBC.

There is Springwatch, which I have been watching this year, but not regularly. It is Autumnwatch's twin program. I like it a lot, but not nearly as much. Question of atmosphere, maybe? Autumn might be a more suitable season for animal watching, for me anyway. In any case, I don't watch Springwatch nearly as much. There is also Luther, which I haven't bothered watching. There is also a series of programs on opera on BB4, which I have been really curious about but never came around to watch them. I sort of hope it's not so good. I hate to miss good TV.

So, have you been missing any good programs lately?


Mozart's Girl said...

Hi Guillaume - well, not sure you'll want to hear this but BBC4 had one of the BEST Marriage of Figaro performances I've ever seen last Friday night (28th)from the Royal Opera House. Figaro was Erwin Schrott, saw him as Don Giovanni at the NY Met 18 months ago. Amazing. Fabulous staging as well. Watched it again on BBC iPlayer this week! Still available & highly recommended! Hope you're both enjotying the beautiful weather xo Rachel

Guillaume said...

Gosh I am so out of touch with what's good on TV it is a shame. I got to try to find that performance. I have to confess, I probably never saw a performance of Figaro back to back, shame on me. I would love to see that one, I only have to convince the wife to watch a complete opera with me.