Wednesday 16 June 2010

Who reads this blog?

I blogged before about the nature of this blog. This post is not supposed to be as profound as that one was (not that it was a very profound one to begin with), just an anecdotal observation.

So I have been blogging for a while, and through writing posts and commenting on other people's blog, I got the attention of various people, from very different places. I "met" people through blogging that I might never meet in the flesh, from places I never visited and might never will, yet I got their attention. On my blogroll, you have blogs from the Untied States, from Canada, from Québec and England (of course!). Among the people who commented here there were also people from the Middle East, South Africa, Scotland and I might be missing a few. It makes me feel dizzy. My readership is very modest, last time I checked I had only seventeen followers, it is a ridiculously small number. I rarely have more than two or three comments on my posts either. However, even though it is a small readership, I do get some attention (I mentioned some in the post linked above).

More recently I was surprised to discover that people got here from the blog of a certain Miss Nahar. Vraie Fiction is even on her blogroll, for some reason. I have no idea why: she never commented here, she is from Indonesia (I think) and she blogs sporadically. I commented on her blog back in January, asking how I ever got on her blogroll, but never got any answer. It is very strange: she seems to be a very religious person and me being an unbeliever, that should have put her off. If my presence on her blogroll is a mystery to me, I find it a perfect illustration of how much travelling a blog can do.

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