Wednesday 9 June 2010

Do I have it?

I received an email today saying that when some paperwork is done, I will get a formal offer for the job I was interviewed for last Friday. I am glad if it is true, but until I get something official I will stay careful. I guess there is nothing else to do but wait. But waiting is far worse than preparing for an interview. Anyway, the job can be interesting enough, from what I know, and for a change it is good money, so hopefully it will be enough to make me feel better about this one than the one I had a year ago, I guess there is always a risk to grow bitter with any kind of work you have, but it is easier to deal with frustration when you are actually earning decently. My skills will be better used, that is sure and hopefully I will be more appreciated.

Sometimes I wish I had been offered this job and the other job interviews I have been offered recently a year ago, as I would have appreciated them more, especially since I was feeling ostracised and would have gladly shut the door on that one without second thoughts if I could have had a place to rebound then. Instead, I swallowed my pride, literally almost choking myself, and begged for an extension of contract. Beggers can't be choosers, but there is a time when you enjoy more the change of status, from one to the other. Anyway, let's not get carried away. After all, I don't have the job yet.

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