Saturday 26 June 2010

Little nothings that make life

I have been thinking about it for a long while and I decided to blog about it. By "it", I mean nothing really, I mean the trivial, the useless, the unimportant stuff that we see, we live, we experience and that get stuck in our head like a stupid song. Meaningless things like that family in the swimming pool while I was getting back from work on a hot day. It seems that I either blog about big, meaningful stuff, or the utterly trivial. This is a post about the trivial. So here are a few meaningless things that remain in my psyche:

-There was a caterpillar on my shoulder when I walked in for the interview. The interviewer, now my boss (or manager), got freaked out. I flicked the caterpillar on the floor, was about to suggest to squash it but thought better. I didn't know what to do. Offer myself to throw it in the nearest bush, the nearest plant? The interviewee had to go on. But I think it kept my future manager uncomfortable for some reason.

-There is a black cat that walks around the garden sometimes, he is not very sociable sadly. There is also a cow coloured cat (white with blck spots) who is not either and a tabby cat who is a bit shy at first, but ended up rubbing my feet after a few minutes of me being friendly. I want to adopt that one. So cute. I am really tempted to adopt all those alley cats the moment they rub my legs.

-I recently broke my coat and had to sew it myself. It was when it was still not too hot outside, we went to a local café and one of its pockets got stuck in the arm of the armchair I was about to sit on. The pocket got ripped apart. I am terrible at sewing, yet I did an okay job. It is a very cheap coat bought last year in reduction in H&M (I think), yet I really love it and do not want to get rid of it yet.

-And, somewhat related to the previous point, we have a new café here. The owner and staff are very young, I don't know how well they can do where they are situated, but we will certainly encourage them as much as we can, as they are an independent café.

So yes, that was partially what my life was about recently. Insignificant events that got stuck in my head.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Random thoughts are sometimes the best ones of all! The cats they are coming to you my friend! Maybe they are a sign of something to come or a lesson that needs to be learned. Or perhaps they just like you...ha! But when animals start arriving in numbers, I always pay attention and then research their animal magic to see what it 'could' mean! :o)

Guillaume said...

Like Mérimée said in Carmen (and I paraphrase here): cats don't come to you when you call them, only when you don't expect them". I think I just need a feline friend at home, really.