Friday 15 August 2008

Natalie Dessay for your feel-good Friday

You know how much I love Mozart, so I thought I would put some Mozart music for the feel-good Friday. Yes, any excuse to put some Mozart here, but I am not doing this because I am a snob. I used to sing opera you see, as a hobby, and it is for me the most beautiful of music, bare none. And Mozart is always lovely to hear (and my mum will be happy to hear some here too, what a good son I am). It took me a while to appreciate Mozart, for a long time I couldn't stand it because it was the only thing playing in the family house. I kind of got an overdose. Years later, I was 19-20ish, to reconciliate myself with Mozart, I asked my singing teacher (at my mother's request) to get me some piece of Mozart to sing. I got hooked, as you most likely have guessed with the many, many entries about him on this site.

I have discovered recently Natalie Dessay, a great French soprano. She has a beautiful voice, great vocal skills (because it is not the same thing, having a good instrument does not mean one is able to use it), wonderful acting skills, and a great personality to boot. So I put a bit of an documentary on her to introduce the aria and the singer and then you have the aria itself, which is from The Abduction from the Seraglio. I hope you enjoy it.

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