Wednesday 27 August 2008

Where are the French bookstores?

I have been here for a week now and I cannot find a decent size bookstore. No chain, no independent bookstore with great titles, nothing. I did my degree in French literature, partially because I wasn't good enough in English then to do serious English studies, but I gained an affection for French literature. France boasts itself to have an incredibly rich literature, but it does not look like here from where I am. Is this country really the center of the French speaking literary world? In Québec, even in relatively small town you can find a decent size bookstore with a good variety of titles. Here, I have seen two bookstores, one that was so small it barely had any variety at all and another one, a second-hand bookstore that was closed on Sunday and Monday. I just cannot believe it. I came here hoping to get my hand on some good French books, get back in touch with my mother tongue, so far I have nothing. Everything in these holidays is perfect, but that. Things might get different in Paris. I sure hope so.

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Jazz said...

Things will definitely be different in Paris.

La FNAC. All those book shops... oh yeah, different in Paris.