Thursday 1 November 2018

Here it is: the post-Halloween blues

It happens every time, after the exhilaration: comes the first of November and I have the post-Halloween blues. Whatever I do, start getting into the seasonal mood from August onward, it still strikes me come November. I will try to fight it the best I can and there are at least a few reasons to enjoy November, at least now:

-It is still autumn.
-It is going to be my wife's birthday soon. A reason to celebrate in a month that generally does not have many occasions for celebration, but also to spoil her rotten. Being outnumbered in the household is not easy for her all the time and she thoroughly deserves the extra TLC she will receive from Wolfie and I.
-I am going to have three days of holidays soon, so will be able to spend time with my family. It will only be a staycation, but sometimes this is what I need.

So Halloween is gone, I am melancholic, but at least I have a few things to look forward to.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

November and February are the two longest and dreariest months of the entire year.

Lady M said...

You have a Halloween hangover!