Sunday 4 November 2018

The autumn jumper

I don't care one bit about fashion: a lot of the clothes I have are at least a decade old and I have no problem wearing them until they fall apart, because I find old clothes comfier and I don't care one bit about fashion. Which sometimes irks my wife: she would like her husband to wear things that are a bit more up to date and a lot more colourful. Because a lot of what I wear is dark blue, charcoal grey, blue-grey, olive green (her most hated colour) or black. So she was very happy to find this jumper from White Stuff, which she thought would appeal to me because 1)it has the same kind of cut of many of the stuff I wear and 2)with its fiery orange colour, it looks very autumnal. My wife knows me well and knows how to sell me something. I did not take much convincing: autumnal colours, cosy and warm, discount available, plus a free mug that also looks like an autumn mug, I bought it yesterday. It is now my new official autumn jumper.