Friday 9 November 2018


Is it too early to think about Christmas and thus to blog about Christmas stuff? I tend to think so, yet I will do it right now. Because, for my wife's birthday, we went to Zizzi, a restaurant I don't like much generally, but this time the food was decent enough. They already had their Christmas menu, and in their dessert a hybrid between the brownie and the traditional Italian  panettone, the "brownettone". I thought it was an intriguing mix, so I ordered one. It tasted weird, but it was a nice mix overall, with the chocolate sauce and the moist of the brownie counterbalancing the dryness of the panettone. And I loved the chocolate pine cone on top. Anyway, so this was my first Christmas experience this year.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the name and the look of that chocolate pine cone! I've never really understood the allure of panettone because it is dry and largely tasteless, but then again I don't have Italian tastebuds.