Wednesday 7 November 2018

Buckets of new/old toys coming our way?

My wife's brother phone her today to wish her a happy birthday and to tell her that we should meet soon. He is certainly right about this, as a meeting is long overdue. Of course, they also talked about little Wolfie, as this is the case when one is a parent, especially of a young child: birthdays are all about children, even when they are not the ones being celebrated. I don't mind, in fact I appreciate far more birthday parties with our little naughty boy than before him. He brings a healthy dose of mischief (say by grabbing a piece of birthday cake before the cutting) that just makes birthdays fun. Wolfie is the gift that keeps giving.

But anyway, my brother-in-law mentioned also that they have loads of toys our niece does not need anymore, so they had the intention to ship them all in our next meeting. And I am not sure I am happy with this. We have very little room for more toys, for one, and it's not like our son is not already spoiled with truckloads of toys of all sorts. Not to mention books, plush animals and so on. He's all right, toy wise, and Christmas will come soon enough, so he will have plenty more. I know my brother-in-law means well and I know he wants to be the cool uncle who gives Wolfie lots of cool things that Wolfie will hopefully remember fondly when he is a grown man himself, but I can't help thinking he also thinks (subconsciously) that this is a good opportunity to declutter some space in his house.

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