Saturday 24 November 2018

Ouzo and the Greek Connection

Tonight (well, yesterday technically) was the anniversary of my meeting with the woman who was going to become my wife. You can read the story of that moment here and here. Every year I celebrate by eating a mince pie (read the posts for more details). But I was wondering if I should not vary the celebration and drink a shot of ouzo instead. Not that I am a big fan of ouzo, in fact I don't remember its taste much but from what I remember it just tasted like a strong alcohol tastes. But that night, we went to a Greek party with our common Greek friends, a group I used to call the Greek Connection and we drank a bit of ouzo then. It might have been the very last time I drank ouzo. I remember trying some before, but not after. Or maybe my memory is all muddled up. We do not see the Greek Connection anymore, except through social media, but we do miss them and we are ever grateful for making us meet. So maybe one day we might just drink a bit of ouzo at their health and ours.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes! A shot of ouzo for everyone! And mince pie. I love mince pie.