Sunday 23 November 2008

An anniversary to remember

Today is the day I met my wife, six years ago. It was a Saturday evening, I was eating a mince pie in the residence's kitchen and she showed up because she was looking for a friend (my neighbour, a Greek girl from Cyprus I will always feel guilty not to thank in public in my wedding speech). I might blog more about that evening one day, something that hopefully will be an outstanding post. For now, suffice to say that since that day, I try to have a mince pie on the 23rd. I am not the biggest mince pies fan, in fact I quickly get bored of them, but it is one of those little traditions I have and I am quite fond of it. It is important to commemorate such events, and it makes the end of November more exciting, or at least exciting for something else than Christmas lights and decorations they already put everywhere. This is a personal, little celebration of mine that needs nothing but a mince pie.


holly wynne said...

Charming! And I MUST hear the story...I'm a sucker for such.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's wonderful!

I am a hopeless romantic, you must relate the story, I love those kind of things.

And, yes... such things must be commemorated.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore (the lion)

Correspondent said...

Congratulations, Guillaume, I wish you well on this anniversary. As you'll probably know, I lost my mother last Wednesday here in Liverpool. My brother, sister & myself are coming to terms with our loss. She was a feisty & proud Liverpool-Irish Catholic mother who witnessed many things in her 80years. One thing she didn't witness, unfortunately, was the arrival of a baby son, named Sam, to my brother & sister-in-law on Saturday morning. Thanks for linking to the blog (normal service will resume after the funeral on Wednesday). Best wishes for the future.

Guillaume said...

Yes, I read your blog, my condolences, to you and your family. I wanted to write something elaborate in your comments, but was wondering if it was the proper place, and I was not sure what to say. She seems to have been a fascinating woman.