Monday 10 November 2008

Everybody is Irish...

Because I am bored with a translation job that is nevertheless going smoothly (I don't complaint too much because it means I am working), because I am still enthusiastic about what happened this 4th of November (you know what I'm refering to), because I absolutely love Ireland, Irish music and because as it says in the title, everybody is Irish (at least of heart), I have decide to put here that song:

I got aware of it yesterday, but Correspondent blogged about it, I hope he does not mind if I follow his example. It's not the greatest piece of Irish music ever, but it's still a catchy song.

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Correspondent said...

Not at all, Guillaume; the more the merrier! I've also emailed it to a few friends in the States. Pour yourself a chilled Guiness, sit back, turn the volume up & enjoy!