Thursday 15 November 2018

Is winter at the corner?

I have been wondering about it and hoping for it. It has been fairly mild these last few days, after a beginning of the month that was fairly cold, nevertheless the nights do get quite cold. And there is sometimes that faint smell of snow, or the air smells like it does when it is about to snow. I have been wearing thick jumpers and fleeces and it feels great, especially when temperatures drop at night. They are forecasting colder days next week. Not enough to snow, but enough to feel that winter is on its way. Maybe it is wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

oh my,,, winter,,,, it might be at your corner but it has made a pit stop at our house,,, its ok , I love winter,, I hope you make the best of your's as well!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I wish I could send you my snowy, windy , blustery winter weather... but You may receive it very soon as it is blowing so hard I'm sure it will be in England soon.