Thursday 29 November 2018

Cold War Crimes

I wanted to give one ultimate reading suggestion for #Noirvember and was not sure what to suggest. Then today I found by chance this article about climate changes and the way it is reshaping geopolitical interests and potential conflicts in the Arctic. The first picture of the article and its content made me think of the graphic novel Whiteout by Greg Rucka, which is set in Antarctica. But more exactly its volume two, Whiteout: Melt, as it features Russian mercenaries dressed pretty much like them. Anyway, I will not give much of either plots away, let's just say that they're dark, violent and, more to the point, cold. And both belong equally to the crime fiction and spy fiction genres, but they have heart. I try to revisit them this time of year. I will do it again, especially now that the graphic novels are very topical.

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