Friday 2 November 2018

Space Raiders

Sometimes I do enjoy some bad stuff, whether it is food or counterculture. And this is why, stopping at the corner shop near work one day, the packs of Space Raiders caught my attention. It's a corn and what based snack that apparently has been in circulation for the last thirty years or so. With the grey type alien face on the package that is a call back to the old B scifi movies, and its very cheap price of 25p, I had to try it. I actually tried every flavour I think. They all taste absolutely vile, but in a very enjoyable way. Like a snack named after aliens from outer space and looking like the head of said aliens would taste. But I'd still eat it. Heck, I will eat it just for that head on the bag.

1 comment:

Deadpan Flook said...

These have been a guilty pleasure of mine for many years! The old packaging was much better though, and had little comic adventures starring a space pirate called Astra and her can see an example if you do a Google image search for KP Space Raiders!