Saturday 10 November 2018

The Orient Express (by LGB)

I found a few years ago this picture of the Orient Express by LGB. The model trains we have in our family home are all LGBs. My father often told my brothers and I of the limited edition wagon of the Orient Express he once saw in a shop of Quebec City, and regretted to this day not to buy. I don't know if this is the limited edition, but it is a gorgeous model and I wish I could buy it. Trains have been the fuel of my imagination since I was a young child, thanks to the LGB train we grew up with. Trains were an important part of our make belief games, as settings as well as a mean of transport. The Orient Express, due to its iconic and legendary status, which I was already aware of (read this post for more details), was on my mind a lot when I imagined our heroic alter egos living adventures on the railway. So I wish we have had at least one wagon of it.

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