Monday 12 November 2018


I blogged recently about #Noirvember, this hashtag I discovered at random on Twitter. From what I understand, it is mostly about film noir and crime movies, although it can be extended, again from what I understand, into crime fiction in different mediums. i read crime fiction all year round, but generally I read more of it in November. It is a way for me to get over the post-Halloween blues and to read something that fits the gloom of the month. So it struck me, when I read about #Noirvember that it is something I do already, for one, and that making it a proper, official tradition, by reading and watching crime dramas, by talking about it here on this blog throughout the month, that it would finally make me appreciate the month of November from start to finish, would make me look forward to it even. November is dark and gloomy to begin with, why not embrace it? So bring on #Noirvember!

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