Monday, 12 June 2017

The blue eyed wolfpack

We went to the local regatta on Sunday, when it was quieter (the day before is for drunkards, Sunday is the regatta for families and hungover people). When we were walking around the park, my wife saw some fellow mummies she knows from her postnatal groups, their partners and of course their children, all around Wolfie's age, so we ended up with them, on the picnic blanket, chatting about parental life, the children socializing with each other in their own way. There were two boys including Wolfie and two little girls, one dressed on blue with a cute blue hat and one, smaller but older than Wolfie, who could already walk and who cried a lot when my son bumped his head into hers. But anyway, something struck me at one point: they were all sitting on the blanket, all four, and they all had blue eyes! That was striking. So it was like a bunch of wild wolf cubs with blue eyes.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

They weren't baring their fangs and slavering at you, were they? Do you have cause to worry?