Monday, 19 June 2017

Farewell to Café Venosa

Sometimes you intend to blog about things later and you lose the opportunity. And then when the opportunity is gone, it is because your subject of blog post no longer exists, and this is very sad. I had been wanting to plug Café Venosa since I discovered it during my time in Montreal in 2015. It became my favourite spot in Montreal: a vegan café that is also... a cats residence. I completely fell in love with it and I had been wanting to visit it with my wife and little Wolfie, who turned out to be a cat lover already. But I learned on their Facebook page that they had recently declared bankruptcy. I am very sad. Through adoption, they found homes for many cats and in the meantime gave them a safe haven in a place where they were truly worshiped. And I have never been in such a relaxed, welcoming café. You can see on the left a picture of Kioshi, who was quite fond of my coat when I went there: he sat and lay on it for ages during my last visits. To thank me for my kindness and patience towards him, one of the staff gave me a free pastry. They knew how to make their clients welcome. I have a few more anecdotes from the place and had wanted to write a long blog post with many pictures. Not sure if it is worth it now. In any case, a picture of the aloof Kioshi will do for the time being.

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Magic Love Crow said...

That is so sad, that they went bankrupt!!! That kitty is so cute!