Friday, 30 June 2017

Back from the land of the red dragon

We are back from a short holiday break in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Their emblematic red dragon is everywhere: on the flag of course, which is also everywhere, but also on drink mats, postcards, t-shirts, cushions, rubbish bins, bottle openers, pencils, footballs and of course monuments. I had wanted to go back to Wales for a long while and I am glad it is done, it was nice to get in touch with the Welsh people, which I have always been quite fond of. However, I must confess that Cardiff as a whole did not impress me as much as I wished. It was my second visit to the city and maybe my memory had idealized it but I found it far dirtier than I remembered. It did not look nice everywhere, in fact I often found it ugly. But hey, it is still in the land of myths and legends and just for this I was so glad to be there. And we had a nice time. That said, when I revisit the land of the red dragon, it will probably be in a more rural area.

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