Sunday, 25 June 2017

One year of the local bookshop

As I mentioned recently, the local bookshop celebrated its first year of existence. Its official date was yesterday, even though it opened in August last year. So, while my wife was having afternoon tea (coffee actually, she hates tea) with a friend, I went to little Wolfie to make a few anniversary purchases. I behaved myself, nevertheless I bought a few books. I thought it would have been rude otherwise, and there was a 20% discount on all purchases. I was so happy to see that Wolfie was actually enjoying himself tremendously. In his first visits, when he was two months' old or so, he was often crying, sometimes screaming like a banshee. Now he finds the place familiar I think. The staff also finds him adorable. They also appreciate the visits of faithful client I have become. They don't even need to find my name in the system to give me my loyalty points. And even with the discount, I still managed to earn a five pounds voucher for my next purchase.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your wife hates tea? Are you SURE she's British?