Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our neighbours the bats

A few days ago, because the heat was keeping us all awake, we decided to take some fresh air in the not so early evening, which did us the greatest good, especially to Wolfie who had been quite cranky until then. The sun was finally falling and it was far more comfortable outside than inside. We chatted to our next door neighbours, a woman in her 40s-50s and her 20 year old daughter. They are moving away soon so we will have new neighbours, which is sad as they are very nice. During the conversation, the daughter noticed that there were bats flying around. We then took attention to our surroundings and saw their swift  little shadows in the evening light. And it made me very happy. There were bats where we used to live before and trying to get a glimpse of them was part of the wildlife watch fun I used to have when we lived there. I love bats, they are mysterious and they eat insects so I am glad we have them here as well. So even though some nice human neighbours are leaving, at least we have bats. It might sound silly, it probably is, but their presence is familiar and reassuring, like reliable old friends.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love to watch bats swoop down to drink from our pool at dusk. we don't use chemicals so it is safe for them to drink the water.