Monday 27 May 2013

Springwatch comes late

Tonight was the first episode of Springwatch 2013. On the 27th of May! There was a special program in the afternoon, but I didn't watch it, I was outside (it was a bank holiday here) and for once it was warm and sunny. I watched tonight's episode distractedly. It was an interesting program. I remember mainly the otters and there was also a lot about the cold and thus slow season we have been having in 2013 and how it affected British wildlife. I still find it odd that it starts so late. I don't know how June will look like, but Spring is at least in theory mostly gone in June. Even in May, it is ending. Shouldn't they air it in April, when it is more representative of the season, including its nastier sides, which we got plenty of in 2013? I guess it is less about the season than the wildlife.

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