Sunday 5 May 2013

Jump up

I have uploaded the book cover of Dr No somewhat arbitrarily, as this topic is only peripheral to the novel (great novel though, although not my favorite of the Bond novels). But it is a great book cover, like most of the Penguin book cover for Bond novels. It has been feeling summery today, with warmer days, temperature staying reasonably warm at night. And it is a bank holiday, on top of this. I feel like watching Bond movies (those set in tropical locations), read Bond novels (although I read all of the original Fleming ones) and listen to summery music, or a little bit of all of this.

Which leads me to, well, this song I am going to upload. It is from the movie Dr No.I particularly love the soundtrack of the movie, which is very atmospheric and worth a watch in itself. So as to give a bit of atmosphere to this blog, and to share the mood, I have uploaded Jump up here.

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