Wednesday 8 May 2013

Authentic Turkish Delights

This picture was taken... at work, from my cell phone.It is, obviously, a box of Turkish delights. Authentic ones, as the box says. It was from my colleagues who asks me to translate things, she got back from a trip in Turkey and had a translation for me. The sweets were not exactly a bribe like for the chocolates, as I had to share the box with everyone in the office. but I had the privilege to eat the first ones. I was surprised actually, I never thought authentic Turkish delights could be that good. The pistachios certainly gave it an interesting flavor. When I was asked if I liked Turkish delight, I thought it was this one. I am kind of glad it was the authentic stuff. I had a few anyway, but left most of them to my colleagues. It was not quite a sugar epiphany I guess. Now if it had been baklavas, I wouldn't have shared with anyone.

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