Monday 6 May 2013

What to read next

I finished yesterday The Sweet Forever by George Pelecanos. it took me too long to read, embarrassingly so. But I was reading, I am reading, many things at once, so I guess I have an excuse. It was a great book anyway, I should come back to it on this blog. Now I need to choose what to read next. I do not always alternate between genres, although sometimes I try, so it is possible that I read something else than crime fiction. I do try, as much as possible, to alternate between English and French. So until I choose my next book, I will try to finish Mafia Inc, which I have also kept on reading for way too long. What is even more embarrassing is that an updated edition has already been published. There is barely a few pages left of the one I have. Similar read, therefore, but from crime fiction to real crime history, and more precisely Montreal's crime history, which has nothing to envy to the one of Washington D.C. brilliantly depicted in the novels of Pelecanos. Sadly, we do not have a writer like Pelecanos.

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