Monday 20 May 2013

The mystery of the black cat with the glass eye

I blogged about him (or her?) before. This is the "new" cat of the neighborhood, the black cat with the glass eye. His left eye, to be precise. Last Sunday, I went out to read and the cat was there. He rubbed against my leg and I was able to stroke him. He actually asked for plenty of cuddles. Which is weird, because he is I think feral: he has no collar and plenty of fight marks, his ears I could see have been cut by teeth or claws. And there is the glass eye of course (but where oh where did he get the glass eye if he is feral?). He is not shy of cuddles, but he is elusive as a model. I took plenty pictures of him with my phone, but managed to take only a few that were somewhat okay and publishable. I uploaded this pic because I think one can see a glimpse of his left eye. He is camera shy. One last piece of anecdote before I go on: after I had left, he miaowed plaintively. I went back downstairs and he asked for more cuddles. So I think he was looking for me.

What to say about my mysterious new friend? He is a mystery to me. One of my blog followers (Mantan Calaveras) suggested he may be Odin in disguise, but I am suspecting more a familiar spirit. I know witches have familiars that take the shape of cats. I am no witch, but I could surely adopt a devil, if he looked as cute as this cat (or as cute as a cat, maybe that is why the Devil likes taking the form of our feline friends). I would adopt him in a heartbeat, devil or not, if I could. I am tempted to feed him a bit, he is quite lean and the first time we met he was after the cod of my fish and chips. Or maybe not, maybe he was after an owner, or someone to do a Faustian Pact with. Or to turn someone's life into misery. With the glass eye, I cannot help thinking about The Black Cat of Edgar Allan Poe. All the same, I could easily give him some food, since I cannot give him a shelter. I could at least give him a name. I have been pondering about one. Pluto like in Poe's story would be asking for trouble, if I was superstitious, and a bit too obvious. So it will have to be something else.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wouldn't write off that Odin theory too quickly if I were you. After all, you DO have that fascination with the Norse myths. So if The Wanderer were to come to you, what better form should he assume than a battle-scarred cat with a glass eye?

Mantan Calaveras said...

Strangely, last night I had a dream that I went adventuring with our family cat from childhood.

Her name was Pyewacket!